"Bloody Boston" - sizzle reel - became series on REELZ network
"Sistership" sizzle reel  - sold to Hulu and is now "Secrets and Sisterhood:  The Sozahdahs"

"Big Bad Burt" - sizzle reel - sold to Netflix as series "I Just Killed my Dad"

"Forty Mile Frontier" - sizzle reel

"Forty Mile Frontier" - Sandra and Earl scene  

"Breaking Basic" with Kim Lewis-  sizzle reel 

"Heimo of the North" - sizzle reel

"The Dino Hunter" - sizzle reel -  became series "Dino Hunters" on Discovery 

"True North" - sizzle reel  

"Paparazzi" - sizzle reel

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